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Lamar recalled the conversation he had with his father in an interview with SPIN’s Jessica Hopper. “I don’t smoke, period.” Lamar told Complex magazine. Eventually, the Grammy-nominated emcee started going to therapy and making connections with his behavior and childhood trauma. He quit alcohol to focus on becoming a better husband and father and has since been an advocate for therapy, especially in the hip hop industry and the Black community.

rappers who are sober

According to Glamour U.K., the singer stays away from alcohol. When my debut rappers who are sober single went to No.1, I celebrated with non-alcoholic champagne,” she shared.


By the time he left rehab, Eminem weight had ballooned to 230 pounds. He knew he needed to lose weight and to find a way to function sober. Thus, he turned to running, which gave him a natural high and helped him sleep at the same time. It was his kids that inspired him and gave him the strength to triumph over his situation and successfully go through addiction recovery. He said that when he looked at his children, he realized that he needed to be present for them. In 2006, the death of his best friend, DeShaun “Proof” Holton, because of a shooting incident caused him deeper trouble.

  • Today, Lamar is an advocate for a drug-free lifestyle.
  • There is power in sharing your stories openly and honestly.
  • To people who are struggling right now, recovery starts with being honest with yourself, and then seeking help.
  • His creative outputs contain brazen admissions and expletives that several people find as too much.
  • Several dinosaurs are out there living by the drug-free, or straight edge, code.
  • Take a look at this list and find out which of your favorite rap stars abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Eminem also visits a rehab counselor from various centers like desert hope treatment to keep on the straight and narrow. For those who consider themselves “outsiders” like many hip hop and rap artists, spinning rhymes about the ups and downs of meth, molly, weed, coke, and many other substances is part of their counterculture.

Stay Sober: Rappers Who Don’t Smoke Or Drink

Twain abstains from alcohol, drugs, and is also a vegetarian. She revealed in her biography, “I like a clean band. I don’t like drugs. I don’t like alcohol. I like to have clean-living people around me.”

  • I kind of feel like we might be going through some of the same stuff.
  • Mary J’s 2017 studio album Strength of a Woman—which discussed her public divorce from manager and husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs—debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.
  • Have you ever been the designated driver at a party or hung out in a room full of stoners while completely sober?
  • Find out which rappers abstain from drug usage of any sort.
  • In the film, he explained to director Matthew Cooke that a dangerous combination of prescription medications including Valium and Xanax landed him in the hospital in critical condition.
  • “I was like, ‘Man, we’re doing too much—way too much.” He is also a vegetarian.

It’s important to take a step back and remember that not everyone needs to be high to be dope. Music is definitely the rapper’s vice, initially saying Wolf would consist of “weird hippie music for people to get high to”. While he’s said that he’s never really had any desire to drink or do drugs, it’s also notable that he’s pretty naturally turnt up as it is. Multi-talented Pharrell Williams chooses to abstain from drug use. “Everybody else can do what they want, but that stuff isn’t for me. I’ve been drunk nine times in my life, and I ate some weed brownies once,” he told Paper Magazine. Pharrell once ate six weed brownies and passed out in a bathroom, as he recalled in a 2013 interview with Nardwuar. Who will you find on this rappers who are sober list?

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It’s so important that we’re honest with ourselves and with our loved ones. We are not responsible for the disease, but we’re responsible for what we do about it. When I was about 25 years old, I was paying bills with my music, but just barely. Any sort of momentum I had locally as a musician just stopped. I was drinking excessively and smoking a ton of weed. I had kind of lost the will to live at that point. The Memphis rapper has announced that he’s sober and done with lean going into the new year.

Is Relapse by Eminem good?

TL;DR Relapse is the diary of a killer from birth all the way to death and is one of the most creative albums in the history of hip-hop. It deserves to be recognized for it's intricate and fascinating storytelling, and it has the best beats of any Eminem album.

Posner explained his messy pattern of addiction throughout the piece, noting, “I decided I couldn’t let alcohol rob me of enjoying my life’s special moments.” The rapper may slay lyrics about booze and drugs, but Tyler is surprisingly clean of it all. During an interview with the Creative All Star series, he shared, “I just never wanted to drink. It’s just something that didn’t interest me.”

Chris Brown And Wizkid’s “Call Me Every Day” May Be 2022’s…

Christian-rapper Lecrae refrains from smoking and drinking, yet that has not always been the case. “I was infatuated with gang life.” Lecrae told Complex magazine. “I tried pretty much every drug there was to try, except for heroin and crack. I was out there.” Although he lives a sober lifestyle today, he doesn’t consider drinking as a sin. “I ain’t got nothing against you if you wanna throw one back,” as he told Sway on Sway In The Morning. Many artists like Andre 3000, 50 Cent, Logic, Hopsin, Chamillionaire, and more have been public about their support of sobriety.

  • So, unsurprisingly, Haggerty is no fan of “California sober” — a term, popularized by a Demi Lovato song, coined to describe people who drink alcohol and smoke marijuana but abstain from using “harder” substances.
  • Eminem is widely known as someone who does not mince his words.
  • In his 2013 Rapper of the Year profile with GQ, it was revealed that Lamar doesn’t drink alcohol or do drugs, despite many of the lyrics in his songs.
  • Snoop himself admits that he started drinking as a “fashion statement.” One old enough to remember the gangsta rap explosion of the 90s and early 00s remembers how popular a look it was to wear baggie jeans and jerseys while drinking 40 oz.
  • According to the National Post, Snoop also stopped drinking in 2014 when he became suspicious that a woman at a club drugged his drink with Rophenal, a.k.a. roofies, a drug commonly used to commit robbery or date rate on subdued individuals.
  • Whether finding some deeper truth in sobriety or sharing the struggles of overcoming their addictions through music, a generation of rappers are sharing a message of getting, and staying, clean.

It’s been a while since Andre 3000 has last smoked kush. Dre quit smoking a year or two after Outkast’s debut album, Southernplayalisticadillamuzik. In an interview with Vibe, he explained why he stopped using drugs around that time.

In that same piece, Em is quoted as saying, “I had to regain motor skills, I had to regain talking skills.” His drug use affected him so severely that he had to relearn how to talk and how to rap. Relearn he did, but as much as we all might want a new, incredible Eminem album, I try to mostly just stay thankful that he’s still alive.

“Going to jail unjustly was the best thing to ever happen to Meek Mill. Greatest resurrection story since Jesus Christ,” one user wrote on Twitter.

His recollection is probably not how things actually went down, but I love the image of Pharrell working with Usher, discovering the music of a young T.I., and then hours later passing out in a bathroom. Pharrell’s brain is clearly otherworldy enough on its own to travel to other worlds without any help. Music and drugs go hand in hand, but many of the game’s legends are stone cold sober. Lecrae was a heavy drug user prior to his conversion to Christianity. He has escaped a past of poverty and drug dealing and has chosen to rededicate himself to religion and sober living.

Is Eminem a sober?

The rapper, 47, announced on Instagram that he's 12 years sober, sharing a photo of his sobriety chip. Eminem celebrated a significant moment in his battle with addiction on Monday.

A few famous rap stars who are sober even inspired other hip hop stars to kick their addictions for good. Whether they’re mentioned on the radio, seen in music videos, or smuggled into concerts, drugs are pretty much unavoidable in the genre. Weed, lean, pills, coke, booze, shrooms, you name it, dope’s not to hard to find. Many rappers, like Juicy J or Lil Wayne, have made it clear in their music that they love getting fucked up. Despite the popularity of drugs in hip-hop culture, not every rapper partakes in popping mollys or getting fried. Some of these artists have never done drugs in their life, while others choose to abstain from smoking or drinking because of near-death experiences they’ve had. Though some listeners may disagree, these artists have continually shown that they’re more than capable of making quality music without the enhancement of drugs.

Yet, this country has seen “war on drugs” initiatives crash and burn in the past — a point JAY-Z so confidently pointed out in 2016. After battling addiction for decades, in August 2017, DMX entered rehab at the suggestion of a judge and sobered up.

rappers who are sober

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