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Celebrations are an integral part of Indian culture. Significance of each event of a life is evident in the rituals followed by Indians. Of all, Indian weddings are extraordinarily beautiful with  rich culture, interesting ceremonies, warmth and love. Flowers are indispensable in these ceremonies at various stages. Flowers bring perishable items, there was a dire need for a local brand to supply garlands, poolajadas, flower jewelry for the Indian weddings happening in the USA. Besides, the weave of these items in original style is very important. With the noble intention of providing fresh flowers garlands, accessories and wedding related items to the Indians in America, Jewel Blooms emerged in the year 2014 under the franchise model of a well known Indian brand “Pellipoolajada”. Since then we have been rendering our services to 9 states in the US with our head office located on Boston, MA.

We totally understand the challenges with respect to pulling off a traditional Indian wedding in the US. After undergoing thorough brain storming sessions with the Indians living there and understanding the requirements, we came up with a catalogue of products essential for an Indian wedding. An elaborate list of curated poolajadas, venis, flower jewellery, decorated tender coconut, adduthera..etc items have been added to our products. We have tried our best to carefully absorb the values and traditions offered by the rich Indian culture and our designs reflect the same. We constantly review our products by analyzing latest trends/designs and aim to incorporate items essential for a traditional wedding so that you don’t miss out on any ritual due to their non-availability. We wish to transport your thoughts and connect you to the roots of Indian culture by keeping the traditions alive.

It is highly important for us to keep our customers happy and we would take that extra step to give you a wonderful experience. Our team engages with you at personal level to understand your requirements and delivers the customized products. More than anything, we value our customers trust and satisfaction.