Fresh Flower Poola Jada – FFPJ 005


Fresh Flower Poola Jada  Includes   :  2 venis (1 Fresh Rose Patel Veni  1 Artificial  Veni) And 9 Jada Billa .


Occasion: Wedding , Engagement, Baby shower  , Half-saree function,  Cardale ceremony   , Kids- first birthday.

Extra venis are charged extra price, Hair extension not part of poolajada

Please mention
For Color customizations please mention in comments when you order

Live flowers are the pleasure that Japanese online casino players love. If you manage to get into the house of a Japanese person who likes オンラインカジノ, you will most likely find fresh Poola Jada flowers and a large number of flower pots. Live flowers are one of the favorite bonuses of many casino players. Throughout the year, fresh flowers are used as decoration in the residences of gamblers.


1. Jasmine withers faster compared to Rose petals
2. Red Rose veni and Violet Orchid veni stay fresh for longer
3. Pink, peach and Yellow venis edges get black due to moisture absorption and that’s normal
4. Orange flowers are light orange in color
5. Blue and Green are natural flowers colored with artificial dye which doesn’t stick to hair
6. Poolajada stays maximum of 6-8 hrs  fresh after wearing

Storage Instructions:
1. Store fresh flower poolajada box in refrigerator crisper (where? Vegetables are stored) not in **freezer (where ice is made)
2. Fresh flower Poolajada stays fresh for maximum?3days if refrigerated under 10-20 Deg C, but we recommend you use?it as soon as possible


Please mention Event date and delivery date when you place the orders.

For better quality and service please place your order  10 – 14 Days  before the event. we will still accommodate Last minute orders but some colors are not available in last minute.

Please contact us at 614-441-7256 for any specific details you want to include in your Order.


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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